12 Online Marketing Tips for 2020

Online marketing

Everyone wants success. Every businessperson wants to get more share in the market. All persons whether they are big or small companies, startups, bloggers, freelancers, etc want to get success in terms of generating more profit and get on top of the respective niche.

But success depends on a plan, i.e. marketing plan. An Online Marketing plan is today’s most important and challenging aspect faced by the businesses around the globe. To get the best out of the marketing plan, one needs an expert who guides and directs the right direction of success i.e. more share in the market.

Digital Marketing which is sub category of marketing, dominates today’s internet world and is divided into following niches: –

  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing automation
Online Marketing

All the above categories have similarities and most of the time overlap each other.

In this post, we will be discussing online marketing blogs in detail and the best practices already being used by top marketing blogs. You can use these techniques to achieve the following: –

  • Increased visitors.
  • Turn visitors into buyers.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Grab more market share and profit.
  • Get on top of your niche.

When you will finish reading this blog post, you will have a clear understanding of a successful online marketing blog and best practices being used by different marketers to enhance their marketing campaign. And here it goes.. 

1. Use of Headline

A blog post, which does not have headlines and is not divided into readable sections, is a turn off for the readers. Ultimately, this blog will not be able to get more traffic in terms of visitors and people won’t turn in.

Best blogs like Copyblogger use the technique of the headlines thereby dividing the blog post into different small sections, which is comprehendible by the readers. A clear heading separates each section. This helps in a targeted and focused marketing. If visitor wants to scan the blog post quickly, it will help the visitor in a quick glance on to the blog instead of trying to read in between the lines and get frustrated.

The bottom line is that HEADLINES are crucial in content marketing strategy.

If a blog is 1500 words, so it can easily be divided into six to seven headlines. This subdivision will help in managing the content in small portions of 180 to 200 words each.

Use this technique to boost your visitors and thereby conversion rate, as visitors will have more focus on important things.

2. Detailed Content

Few years ago there was no use of lengthy content and this had no effect on the search engine rankings. But with the advancement in algorithms, now search engine differentiates between long content from short one and even helps in optimization.

Data driven SEO content requires detailed high quality content. While length of post is important, content with top-notch quality is what you are after. There are blogs as ConversionXL, which are famous for delivering in-depth content. This is the point where you should focus more.

Your approach for the content marketing should be to provide readers an in-depth account of the issue you are discussing along with the solution.  This definitely, demands more research and homework before you start writing a blog. Your content strategy will be built around the idea that you need to produce high quality blog post.

The content of the blog should be such that as the visitor scrolls down, each section should discuss the details in-depth.  For an eye-catching content, you should blend it with infographics, data, images, videos etc.

3. Use of Images

Any blog, which is just lengthy words, will not attract the readers. Number of pages without any illustration may be an alien to the reader at first glance and visitor will leave the page right after.

To arrest this you need to use images in the blog. The use of images rather “Intelligent use of Images” as per the context of the blog post.

The number of images to be used do not follow some rigid pattern. You can use as many number of images as you want provided the images should complement the blog content. For a blog of 600 word, 4-5 images will suffice. However, for a 1200 to 1500 word, the number of images used may cross 10.

This part, which seems to be very simple requires maximum attention. For a successful blog, good quality related images would ensure the success of the blog.  Images are a big part of a successful blog, but only if used in an appropriate manner.

An image should complement the content. It should not be added for the sake of filling up space.

Blogs like Convince & Convert are best in using appropriate images as per the content.  “Avoid Image Overload”.

4.  Case Studies

Sometimes people are facing difficulties in solving a problem and they want to get the solution in detail. Or often people are doing the things without realizing that they are going in a wrong direction.

Here come the case studies which help the readers in understanding the similar problem and find best solutions or get the idea and employ the upgraded version of the solution.

Case studies are best as these are full of high-quality content, images, screenshots, ideas from industries’ experts – all in one place. Moreover, they can add so much value to your blog.

They also represent authenticity in your field. Take any case for highlighting the issue may be a bad SEO of a company, the successful kickstart of a startup, the ultimate marketing strategy used by some business or company, etc. It is endless, can be anything.

If you really want to impress upon authority in your niche, case studies will help you in a great deal. Get the inspiration from online blogs like Moz.

5.  Social Media Marketing

Large number of readers are directed to the blogs through their social media accounts. This signifies he importance of Social Media Marketing.

If your website has easily accessible social media icons, people will definitely share, off course, depending on the quality of the content. Easy placing of these icons at top or end of the blog will help in easy access like a good Call to Action.

When numbers displayed on the icons are high, people will be tempted to hit like and share. Definitely, this also shows your prowess on the subject and the topic in your niche.

Many successful blogs are following the similar strategy just like TopRank Marketing and you can also employ similar ideas for social media marketing.

6.  Categories in the Blog

When you start a new blog it is understandable to have one category or no category. But once the blog expands with the passage of time and visitors base increase, you may like to add different categories to your blog by remaining within your niche.

This will help visitors in accessing the relevant information by directly going to the right category. A Tech blog may have categories like technology, computer, mobiles, AI, Robotics etc.

Similarly, a marketing blog may add Online Marketing, SEO Optimization, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing. As new trends emerge so rapidly like using video embedding, Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter and so much to be covered in different categories without losing sight of the main subject.

Many blogs including Social Media Examiner are using the same strategy to fill their content calendar. With a focused approach new trends can be added in the same niche without changing the subject.

7.  Multiple Authors

Although there is no problem in a single author blog especially in the early days. This will bring success as well. But sometimes a multiple author approach may bring a different avenue of success for your blog.

This thing can be seen on Search Engine Watch and on many other blogs.

Multiple author approach gives the flexibility of publishing more content – high value – engage more audiences by different categories and also establishes a style to the blog.

8.  Statistics and Data

Statistics increases the authencity of your blog. Use of data and statistics which is relevant with the content will be highly appreciated by the readers because it’s easy to remembers figures and more importantly, it shows how deep the blog is written.

This data driven technique will lead your blog to the top levels. You have the option of depicting the data in eye-catching infographics and graphs, which will ultimately attract more readers apart from easy to be shared on social media accounts for marketing.

But remember do not over do. Too many figures and data centric approach will ditch your blog. Always strike a balance.

Buffer App is also using the same technique of advertising using statistics. You can also follow like many other blogs.

9.  Reader Centric Approach

Starting a blog is not a difficult task. It is difficult how to attach strings to the readers to bring them back again and again – the repeat visitors. This can be achieved by adopting a reader friendly approach. This will help in bringing more readers.

The structure of the blog, content of the posts, design, layout images, data etc everything should be reader centric just likeSocial Media Today. Many other successful blogs are using the same approach to get on top of the of respective niche.

   It’s difficult to restrict to user centric approach to engage your audiences. But with the experience, your content writing strategy will get amply mature which will act as string to attach your audiences with your blog.

10.  List Posts

Lists posts are famous for user friendly layout. It helps in quick scanning of the post besides dividing the content into subsections and headings (as already discussed).

As per the niche, any type of list posts can be published which will maintain the interest of your readers and will eventually increase the visitors on your blog.

Many blogs use this technique and you can find good ideasfor creating your own lists as well.

11.  Organization

The foremost important thing for any blog to succeed is – organization. Better the blog organized the bigger the visitors base. Organizing the blog into different sections and layouts will put the visitor at ease besides helping you to decide which content should be posting, under what category and where.

Many companies are following this technique successfully. Hubspots is a one who has organized the blog into categories of Marketing, Sales and Agency. This gives a pretty good look to the blog by organizing the content on the homepage.

This technique will increase your visitors and reduce the chances of bounce.

12.  Key Takeaways

At the end of the read if you can summarize your blog content, it will be much helpful and shows the expertise of the writer. Visitor has the option of just scanning the key takeaways to read the summary of the post and decides if he wants to read the complete article from start.

It also helps in easy notes taking if a visitor has to take notes quickly for record. Key takeaways should be placed prominently so that reader do not miss it.

Internet Marketing Ninjas and other marketing blogs using the similar techniques to add ingenuity to their reads and increase the visitors.

Key takeaways are written as the sections and heading. Use of important data and information will add looks to this portion. List the key takeaways into bullet form for more neat looks and easy to digest by the visitor.

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