5 Best SEO checker Tools to improve your Ranking

5 Best SEO checker Tools to improve your Ranking

Is your website failing to rank on the result page of the Google search engine? Well, you’re not alone. Google Ranking keeps changing due to the fact that your site currently needs proper SEO Optimization. In order to rank higher on Google’s result page, you’ll need to use some best SEO checker tools to help you achieve that goal.

Here, we will discuss some of the most efficient free SEO tools you can use to analyze a website. We will also explore the benefits of these best SEO checker tools and how to use them for reviewing the website.

SEO Site Checkup:

Price:          Free

Purpose:     Website Analysis

SEO Site Checkup is a tool to analyze your web site with 40 + metrics in various categories. This tool will expertly analyze your web site to look at key parameters and improve your web presence.

It helps you to get the following details:

  • Speed optimization tool of website covers the caching, compression, server speed, and much more.
  • Checks for common issues regarding your website’s SEO like, robots.txt.
  • Semantic Web helps to check, whether or not, the website is made using structured data.
  • Checks if the site is mobile friendly and works on different screen sizes.
  • Also checks for your web hosting company’s reputation.


Price:           Freemium

Purpose:     Website Analysis

WooRank is an SEO Analyzer tool with a thorough website analysis that reveals weaknesses and provides optimization as well as enhancement possibilities.

The best part of the free edition of this resource is that it contains a complete website analysis report. This method has been developed for small SEO communities as well as major SEO organizations.

The final report of your site contains a lot of SEO elements, which are divided into various sections.

  • SEO Issues
  • Responsiveness
  • Checklist for Marketing
  • Social Occurrence
  • Usefulness
  • Security & Server

UpCity’s SEO Report Card:

Price:          Free

Purpose:     Website Analysis

UpCity is a single SEO analyzer that helps with a free SEO report card to make a full analysis of your website.

The free SEO report card contains a score of the website from 18 metrics further separated into 6 sections.

  • This website checks and present a report about on-site SEO.
  • Moreover, provides a complete report about site’s ranking on Google Search Engine.
  • Checks if the site pages are being indexed in different search engines.
  • Checks the trust metrics of your website.
  • Also, checks the loading speed of site and different site pages.
  • Provides a report containing backlinks performance.

HubSpot Marketing Grader:

Price:          Free

Purpose:     Website Analysis

In 2007, HubSpot Marketing Grader was launched with the name Website Grader. Moreover, it provided entrepreneurs to optimize their website for search engines.

However, in comparison to other SEO resources mentioned above, the HubSpot Marketing Grader focuses primarily on SEO problems on your platform and digs deeper into your marketing campaign.

It generates a custom performance report based on metrics below.

  • This method ensures that both human and search engine bots can quickly load and locate your website. Such metrics report consists of Meta title, description, changes in HTML, caches, backlinks and several more.
  • Moreover, it checks for site’s responsiveness.
  • It verifies your SSL certificate. Moreover, it checks if the site provides secure connection to users.
  • It also deeply checks the performance of your website.

Found SEO Audit Tool:

Price:          Free

Purpose:     Website Analysis

If you’re searching for the SEO analyzer tool that is absolutely safe, then it’s best to use the Found SEO audit tool. It is the most user-friendly and effective analyzer tool on the market.

Moreover, Found offers a comprehensive website audit report based on the metrics below.

  • Found issued SEO reports include site names, headings, size of the website, load time, equipment, keywords, etc.
  • Gives you tips about 404 errors, loading speed, redirecting, etc.
  • Helps you to refine your website content with cloud keywords and monitor accurate statistics.

We hope that you’ve found a couple of new methods to boost your workflow without throwing your resources in the tank.

The number of exciting inventions in our industry is almost never done, but we have managed to grab a list of the best SEO checker tools in this field.

If we missed your favorite tool, let us and other readers know by leaving a comment down below. Also, another look at our website would be appreciated if you are looking for CS-related articles.

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