Android’s “Optimizing Apps” Loop and How to fix it?

Android's Optimizing Apps Loop and How to fix it

Want to prevent your Android device from waiting ten minutes for “optimizing apps” after you start again? You certainly aren’t alone, though.

In general, it simply means that your system tries to make your Apps run more quickly and efficiently if you receive this pop-up message. You may have recently downloaded or reviewed a new app that’s not as up-to-date as your newly updated Android apps.

However, this can be quite annoying. This is usually done right after the system update and sometimes after the troublesome apps have been downloaded. Moreover, it is not difficult to repair all things, and your program is just trying to compile all your apps.

How To Prevent Android From Optimizing Apps?

When you have problems with Android “Optimizing Apps” continuously, then you can fix it easily! You don’t have to think about installing a new Manga update, new games, or even new software. Thanks to the easy steps that follow, you can get rid of the Android Startup process!

All things considered, you can take a number of ways to ensure that this problem does not occur again. Before testing any of these methods, remember to backup your photos and your information on your device! Because it’s better be safe than sorry.

Uninstalling unused or old applications:

An easy way to get rid of this warning and often the best way is to uninstall newly added applications. Not just that, but also apps you don’t use or just don’t need for some time.

You can restart your device to see if your apps are indeed the cause of the problem. It is not always a solution to solve the problem. However, if your Android still shows up Optimizing Apps, then try a different method.

Reset Network Settings:

The options of “Network Settings” apply to your WiFi, Bluetooth devices, and mobile data and more.

Follow the following steps to reset your network settings:

Step 1: Choose your Android device settings application.

Phase 2: Find and choose “Reset and Backup”

Step 3: Select “Reset Network Settings”

Step 4: Tap the “Reset Settings” button and confirm your choice.

Removing and Re-inserting Memory Card:

While it is rare for an app to be downloaded to your SD card or not directly to the storage of your phone, it can happen. Not to say that people can move apps to your SD card easily. You should try taking your SD card out just in case because it did happen.

Factory Reset:

If everything else fails, the entire factory reset is always possible. However, you must back-up all of your data. Not to mention that all applications should be redownloaded.

However, this is the earliest and best way you can make sure the “Optimizing Apps” issue does not appear again.

All in all, it’s a safe way to ensure that you don’t have this problem again once you’ve backed up all your photos and contacts. However, be sure, that you save your information before resetting! Since this is the most effective method, you will not need to delete applications slowly or go on hunting for hidden problems.


All considered, the “Android’s beginning to optimize devices” issue can be solved by several different methods. You have choices, whether you try the easy way to uninstall apps or go to work and reset the farm! To sum up, it is easy with this helpful guide to get rid of this annoying message!

Do let us know in the comments section if this method has been proved helpful for you. Also, check out other android related articles on our website.

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