Apple’s High-End Headphones with interchangeable parts

Airpods by apple

Apple is getting stronger and more complete in developing new technology. Nowadays, Apple’s plan evolves over-ear wireless-pairing magnetic technology with elements. These are ear-pads and headband padding that we can easily swap inside and outside according to our need. It’s the business on AirPods and AirPods Pro that can be used with all devices. It has the high-end audio product with noise-cancellation tech in its upcoming headphones that is already in the AirPods Pro.

As per the latest Report of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu says that the Cupertino, a tech company is working on its at least two varieties of earphones premium and fitness models. The premium headphones incorporate leather-like fabrics, whereas the fitness model features breathable materials. 

High-End Headphones Feature with Interchangeable Magnets

As per the report, models of these headphones look like oval-shaped ear cups that can be turned easily. The headband is connected with metal arms. These arms come from the highest point of the ear-cups as opposed to the sides. The earpads and headphones are magnetically associated with high-end headphones. The user can replace pads of magnetic headphones that allow them to change cups between different materials for different purposes, such as exercise. The magnetic ear pads model would be similar to Master & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins approaches.

Moreover, different modular designs are coming for Apple users. Moreover, it will allow them to customize their premium wireless headphones like they do with Apple’s Watch. These headphones are convertible as per comfort to fitness use and can back again.

Headphones compete with Bose, Sennheiser, & Sony

An Apple representative remarked that the new upcoming noise-cancellation wifi headphones will utilize Siri for voice control. They were in synchronization with touch controls. The premium model of noise-canceling over-ear headphones would help to keep that momentum as the company continues to challenge other market brands. The voice control and integrated touch controls product will compete with high-end offerings from the other market brands like Bose, Sennheiser, Sony among other high-end audio specialists, which currently retail around $350.

Launching of Apple’s Modular Headphones This Year

According to the market researcher IDC that Apple’s company accessories of audio gadgets (wearables) have become one of the fastest-growing businesses. Familiar people with their evolution said, “Apple launching two new pairs of its own headphones codenamed ‘B515’ and ‘Beats 700’ at WWDC has been postponed twice since 2018”.

The company pursuits to disclose the product “later this year”. However, due to complex conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic might disturb the timing, features, and capabilities again. Apple’s capacity was in potentially compromising state to do its last testing on sound items. That’s because most of the company employees are working remotely.

Apple propelled its first AirPods headphones in 2016 when it expelled the earphone jack from the iPhone. Later on, AirPods have become a massive market for Apple. The AirPods, updated with another adaptation in 2019 and the overhauled AirPods Pro with clamor dropping was discharged in October.

In the last economic year, Apple company produced $24.5 billion from their gadgets. These included AirPods, Beats headphones/earphones, and the Apple Watch. It was nearly as much as it took in from the Mac and well-nigh $3 billion more than the iPad. The accessories business is instrumental to the company’s push to produce more profits per client as people hold their iPhones for longer. Apple is keenly focusing on “Beats Technology” in its sound ecosystems to keep its stores in line.

These are smaller and less expensive AirPods. These headphones and AirPods are part of a more extensive sound product strategy. Moreover, it additionally incorporates the Home-Pod speaker and Beats headphones. Their accessories give free personalized engraving and immersing rich high-quality sounds and delivered effortless and all-day audio on the go. The new Apple headphones will join a long list of other products in the company’s pipeline, incorporating new iPhones with 5G availability, a Tags location accessory, lower-cost iPads, and new Macs.

Author: Iqra Rashid

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