Apple iOS 13: New updates and Features

Apple iOS 13: New updates and Features


Apple iOS 13 is reality and not a public beta anymore. The mobile OS was released in September 2019 and it is ready to install on an iPhone close to you, following a number of updates with added features and fixed bugs.

Apple’s iOS 13 presents a broad variety of design updates, updated APIs, new frameworks, improvements in UI, and more. And Marzipan! Well, more Marzipan! Dark Mode! And iPadOS! And many more…!

Features and Updates:

Initially, Apple continued with its optimization trend in its iOS 12, making iOS 13 quicker and more efficient than ever.

Moreover, app update times have improved, and application launch times have been reduced by 2 times. In addition to that, app download sizes lessened up to 50%. Moreover, the Face ID is 30 percent faster.

The details of the new features and latest updates in Apple’s iOS 13 have been discussed below:

Dark Mode:

There is a new system-wide option of Dark Mode that changes the whole look of the operating system, from light to dark. You may either select or use Dark Mode at sunset or on a personalized timetable.
Any native Apple framework supports dark mode. Moreover, third-party apps can integrate dark mode functionality with its APIs.

Photos App:

In this new feature, Apple has redesigned the Photos App and displayed a selection of highlights of your day, month, or year in your photos library. Photos and videos organized smartly, to make your favorite memories easier to browse and relive.
The Photos software has improved picture editing resources to ease image processing as ever. Your editing tools are at the bottom of the Photos app now, and when you touch on the “Edit” button, handy slider wheels are available at your fingertips.


There is a new feature in the Camera app to change studio lighting location and intensity. Moving light digitally closer to your subject increases the effect of smoothening the skin, sharpening the eyes, and brightening the face while moving the light away reduces the intensity for subtler modification.

Privacy and Security:

In iOS 13, users are able to control how and when apps access location information. iOS 13 also prohibits activities in data processing using VoIP programs.
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp used these kinds of activities. Thus preventing the usage of these activities and in turn the running of background apps.

Sign in with Apple ID:

Apple login is a new, privacy-focused option to existing login options from companies such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Moreover, it enables you to quickly and easily access other applications and services using your existing accounts.
Sign up for Apple works like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, but Apple does not track or profile you when you use that feature with an important distinction.


Apple is working on some notable home app updates and iOS 13 HomeKit protocol to bring new features for smart home applications. The key interface for the Home app has not modified, but HomeKit apps have been upgraded with new control options.
Moreover, with enabled routers, your smart home has an additional security layer. Use the home app to monitor the utilities that you can attach with your HomeKit devices on your network and on the Internet.


Apple continued to make improvements in iOS 13 with Maps launched in iOS 12 when the app was rebuild from scratch. iOS 13 provides the crossing view to help drivers prevent misdirection by lining them in the correct lane prior to turning or raising the route. Moreover, it has enhanced Siri’s guidance in a more natural language.

Augmented Reality:

The latest ARKit version available on new iPhones including Apple iOS, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, and the iPad Pro 2018 versions, comes with iOS 13.
Motion Capture enables developers to integrate the movement of people into their applications. A reality composer app enables developers to prototype and creates increased reality experience to make the creation of AR apps easier.

Well, there are some of the important updates in iOS 13. Do tell us about your thoughts on these updates in the comment section. At last, do read other CS-related articles on our website.

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