Best Free WordPress Plugins for hosting a giveaway

best wordpress plugins to host giveaways

Do you like to have more visitors? Or do you want to popularize your site? These are the issues that are important to all owners of the website. Whether you run a website for fun or for profit, nothing disputes that you would want more eyeballs on your organization and more loyal customers on your email list.

You could see many ways on the Internet to ensure tremendous traffic. Moreover, giveaways and tournaments are also one of the best means of growing the site’s visibility and e-mail list. It also provides more fans, sales, and attention which helps you build audience. Whatever route you may choose, giveaway will bring the following rewards:

  • Better awareness of brands
  • Promotion of social media
  • Boosting site’s traffic  
  • Creating leads
  • Sales, growth rate, and so on
Best WordPress Plugins to host Giveaways:

You can’t just post a giveaway on the WordPress site, you must set the rules and encourage the contest, set a time limit, and pick a real winner.

I know it sounds like a lot of hard work, but don’t stress about the fact that too many optimistic WordPress plugins are available that take care of most issues. Today, we will go through free plugins in this article for hosting a giveaway on your WordPress site.


Gleam is the best and most popular tool to give away in the form of competitions and awards on the WordPress platform. You can also use gleam for social media contributions like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Moreover, Gleam does not have a wordpress plugin or any other platform, all you need to set up from a gleam interface. That’s why gleam is highly recommended and the clearest choice for a giveaway.

In addition to that, they deliver a stunning responsive widget, which can be embedded with the WordPress site or integrate with other social media platforms.


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Analytics of Real-time activity
  • In each campaign, you can select up to 10 winners
  • Find your campaign winner randomly
  • Automatic identification of fraud to disallow cheaters
  • Show CAPTCHA for fraudulent conduct
  • Responsive Landing pages for all current campaigns
  • Easily integrated on every website or blog 
Pick Giveaway Winner:

If you choose to host a giveaway on your Wordpress site with the help of a plugin then pick giveaway winner plugin should be your first priority.

Moreover, this plugin picks several winners randomly from the comments of a single article on your website. No great feature. No gimmicks. It simply selects a random winner from the comments using the RAND () function.


  • Chooses random winners
  • Disqualify users who participated more than once in the contest
  • Uses RAND () function to choose winner
  • Identify voters by e-mail
  • You can also make multiple entries

Rafflecopter is a free WordPress giveaway software that provides a simple interface for running and handling giveaways. In addition to that, it’s also easy to join a giveaway with a few clicks for the participants.

Moreover, it offers the one-click integration feature, which lets you instantly set up your giveaway with all major social media sites, multiple entries and referring a friend option.

However, this tool is also very close to Gleam. Only pick the final winner on the entries tab when the giveaway finishes. To work with this Plugin you don’t have to be a developer or even install a plugin to connect your website to a rafflecopter.


  • Run unrestricted giveaways across several websites
  • The number of entrants is not limited
  • Build your own choice for entry
  • Choice to view top entries on the leader board
  • Social sharing through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is possible
  • Participants may register through social media profiles
Final Thoughts:

And you got it there! These were our picks from the best WordPress plugins to host giveaways. I hope you get the best WordPress plugin to meet your needs with this post. You may also want to check out Best SEO Checker Tools to help grow your WordPress website’s ranking.

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