Can Social Media Marketing increase Brand Awareness?

Can social media increase brand awareness

Social media marketing has completely changed our lives. In such a circumstance, it has risen as a truly appropriate stage for marketing and promoting items. Social media marketing for brand awareness is showcasing the promotion of an organization or its items through social sites. Social media has proved itself a great marketing tool and we can’t underestimate its significance.

What is brand awareness?

Competition in the world between different brands has increased with the progress of technology. Each brand is trying to use forth a valiant effort to grab the attention of people by different advanced methods. In this hyper-competitive situation, the only difference which can make you superior from rivals is the methodology that you take to promote your brand and its products.

Social media marketing is very critical for brand awareness. It usually means that how much people know about your items. For this purpose, it is vital to use every way and tool to grow your company and win priority over such tough competition.

Social media marketing

Marketing on social media is a way to find that how a brand can reach a useful existing targeted audience. For the progress of a business, a well-organized plan is necessary since tons of people have an approach to social media. So if a brand wants to win over rival companies and be successful there is a need for good strategy. These strategies help potential clients in differentiating you from other existing brands.

Most used platforms to increase brand awareness

The impacts of social media marketing on brand awareness are very much. There are several platforms for the promotion of brands. Moreover, there is no way that to jump in all these platforms would be operative. Most importantly you should choose the platform that will provide more benefits to you. Make a list of those platforms on which your targeted spends most of their time in search of goods.

Some platforms of the best way to promote your business. The only key that is very important is consistency. These social media platforms have made communication with the audience is easier than ever. There is a need to understand where your traffic is coming. Some would be very helpful in regarding increase your brand awareness such as,

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Etc.

Who uses each social media platform?

The most important factor to consider growing your business is your targeted audience. We can not ignore the impacts of social media marketing on brand awareness. Because most people spend most of their time on these platforms. According to a survey,

  • There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. Mostly users are the age of 18 to 34 and, about 60% audience remain online at every time.
  • Facebook is the most top-ranked platform. On this platform, there are more than 2.33 billion active audiences. After Google, it is the most used app.
  • Twitter has about 322 million audiences that remain active. Roughly 48% of people visit this website daily.
  • Pinterest has round about 251 million users monthly. 85% of people used this website when they decide to purchase anything.
  • LinkedIn has a 609 million audience monthly that is active. High-income earners mostly use this platform for purchasing odds.

Types of social media marketing content

Social media marketing helps to boost brand awareness and recognition. Organize your content in such a way that engages your audience. Think twice before writing a single word in a description of your items. Show your concern to your audience and make them comfortable to understand your specialties. Content should be well-written and organized for prime engagement. Some basic types are as follows,

  • Emotional
  • Visual
  • Inspirational
  • Customized content
  • Informational

Ways to increase brand awareness

Start Blogging

Blogging is very significant for boosting brand awareness. Make a blog and add creative posts. Educate your viewers about trendy and modern items. Content should be of high quality because no one will share it if it is not good.

Focus on Visual Content

Visual content has more worth than words. A picture and video can describe your brand in the best (way) than any other. Try to add an informational video with your blog post in an inspiring way. There is a direct relation between brand awareness and visual content. The more beautiful your promotion way is more awareness would your customers get.

Ads and paid campaigns

 An online media advertisement can be an incredible expansion to your general web-based media technique. On the off chance that you utilize paid advertisements and missions admirably, you have incredible potential for expanding brand mindfulness. Regardless of whether you attempt your hand with influencers, reference advertising, or advance your substance, you can arrive at a particular objective. These kinds of missions are anything and very hard to follow and oversee, which regularly assists smooth with excursion knocks and that is the thing that makes them fruitful.

Use Quora

While framing an online media technique, numerous little and developing organizations ignore Quora. Be that as it may, addressing inquiries on Quora can be an incredible method to expand brand mindfulness and drive traffic back to your site, where you can finalize a negotiation and convert leads into clients.

Be consistent

You have to clarify who you are because this prompts an efficient brand acknowledgment and hence provides awareness. You’ll need to ensure your logo is unquestionably on your profiles someplace. The logo is the simplest marker it’s you. To make things even clearer, utilize a similar language, tones, and pictures so that it’s an obvious sign of what your identity is.

Make your content go viral

Social media marketing provides you maximum loads of occasions to expand your brand name. One of the immense advantages of web-based media promoting is spoken to by the opportunity of getting viral. In reality, the normal web client shares plenty of things on his interpersonal organizations.


Brand awareness is the most significant part of showcasing your specialties, in any event at first. Acquainting possible clients with an item or administration in the correct manner matters, because similarly for what it is worth with meeting individuals. The degree to which a product is perceived lies with its image mindfulness, which can represent the deciding moment the success of the brand.

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