Top 10 Linux Distro For Beginners in 2020

Top 10 linux distro

For Linux newcomers, the puzzling choices and the growing number of Linux distributions can become confusing. This is why the article titled Top 10 Linux Distro for Beginners was thought of. Do not get nostalgic, but Linux can be incredibly complex for new users. But, then, Linux isn’t the problem. It is human behavior that is unwilling to accept new things. Linux was an upstream swim for me the first time, but eventually, I loved it. To be honest, Linux Distros are very easy to try. Just download them and…

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Free Website Builders: Demerits and Restrictions

Free Website Builders

Finally, you are ready to build your own website. You can use some free website builders for that reason. However, like many others, you must typically be looking for a better offer and for companies that provide free services. Although, they look easy enough and deliver pretty attractive possibilities. Therefore, the majority of people who are not web designers depend on it. However, not many things are free in life, free does not always imply freedom. So, why are they free and what are these free website builders’ demerits and restrictions? Website…

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How To Buy Domain Name And Web Hosting?

domain name and web hosting

Want to start a new blog or online business in 2020? Well, if you do, you will need to register a domain name and web hosting. Our readers often ask us about the difference between domain name and hosting. In this article we’ll not only explain the difference between them but also how to buy them. What is a Domain Name? Every website requires a catchy address, which is domain name of that particular website. For example if your website was a house than domain name will be the address…

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Best Free WordPress Plugins for hosting a giveaway

best wordpress plugins to host giveaways

Do you like to have more visitors? Or do you want to popularize your site? These are the issues that are important to all owners of the website. Whether you run a website for fun or for profit, nothing disputes that you would want more eyeballs on your organization and more loyal customers on your email list. You could see many ways on the Internet to ensure tremendous traffic. Moreover, giveaways and tournaments are also one of the best means of growing the site’s visibility and e-mail list. It also…

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