Effective Marketing Techniques Using AI

Effective Marketing Techniques using AI

The upcoming decade has some things up its sleeve including medical and technological revolutions such as AI. In the upcoming decades, almost everything will be controlled by AI. Well, it may be bad for humanity but that’s a discussion left for another blog. This blog will discuss effective marketing techniques using AI.

What is AI in Marketing?

If we talk of artificial intelligence (AI), its films like the Terminator or Wall-E for the younger generation. Your perception of the future of AI may be frightening or stunning, depending on the film you have seen.

AI is very different in the digital marketing world. This helps to close the gap between analytics and the use and implementation of strategies. In reality, 72 percent of the marketers surveyed by a PwC report perceived AI as an “economic gain”.

Take a look at how AI re-forms the marketing landscape so that digital marketing campaigns can be stronger and more seamless.

Effective Marketing Techniques using AI:

AI Marketing (AIM) enables marketers to gather large quantities of social media, emails and web data analysis fairly quickly. AIM lets advertisers realize who their target audience is. Below are some of the effective marketing techniques using AI to help boost your business.

Projection of Sales:

For collecting data on past sales, you can use AI Marketing. These may review details from letters, meetings and telephone calls at times. AIM will link the data to the results of the current and future campaigns’ possible sales.

Programmable Ad Targeting:

The programmatic ad targeting uses software-driven technology to automate all or part of the ad-buying process. The typical approach to buy / sell ads is a lengthy and boring procedure that begins by talking to the seller, defining the terms and conditions of a contract and then carrying it out. The future of AI in digital marketing transforms it into a simplified automated process.

Google ads are a clear example of this. It allows marketers and advertisers to use digital marketing data analytics to create engaging profiles to target and replace ads.


Imagine you need to answer thousands of messages during your working hours yet most ask the same question! So what do you do to check back and answer their questions? The answer’s simple “chatbots” – an AI system that simulates a natural language conversation with a user.

Companies will now have a preset answer to their customers’ frequently asked questions to help them find and search for a good product. On the other hand, the time needed for human interaction and response will reduce substantially, thereby saving time and money.

Be sure to check out how chatbots can replace your support team to know more about this effective marketing technique.

Generation of Content:

Think about creating a platform that can produce content of its own. You don’t have to employ writers or editors because you have an independent website that you can earn revenue. As a marketer, life will be simpler for you. What if you knew an AI’s algorithm can go so far already? It is known as the generation of content.

However, there is another way to do so called Content Intelligence if you need help creating customized contents for your website. This gives designers input and ideas for more successful content, which yields better outcomes, unlike content creation.

How Intelligent Marketers are Using AI for Marketing:

In addition to effective marketing techniques, intelligent marketers have learnt to exploit AI without becoming dedicated IT specialists. Smart marketers can learn how to exploit AI without dedicating themselves to IT professionals. This is an overview of how smart marketers use AI to boost their success. Moreover, how you can join them.

AI Creates Better Marketing:

AI’s motivated by a special combination of machine learning and vast quantities of knowledge. However, to use it for marketing purposes, you do not need to have a computer science degree. According to a review, modern marketers are already using AI for their marketing purposes. Moreover, their basic tactic is to master programmable advertisements using AI.

Use of AI for Managing Budgets:

Modern marketers are also using to predict and evaluate future marketing budgets. A report published by Forbes states that AI has already shown an enormous benefit in marketing as far as budget is concerned. As per BCG, about 90% of marketing campaigns have already employed AI.

Final Words:

With all the advantages of AI Marketing, does it mean that it will take over the work of advertisers and content developers? Well, as we have discussed before, AI robots can’t replace humans but ineffective skills might. Do check that out.

In addition to that, for your ease, we can say that Machine learning has made big leaps to improve its algorithm. However, you can sleep well knowing that AIs are still far from perfect.

To sum up, AI’s a really strong marketing tool that marketers need to use now. This is something marketers will embrace to produce better outcomes. Thus, potentially improving ROI in their Marketing Analytics techniques.

How about you? Did you bring AI into your plan for digital marketing? If yes, which effective marketing techniques have you used? If not, what keeps you or your business from taking the leap? Do let us know in the comments section.

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