Free Website Builders: Demerits and Restrictions

Free Website Builders

Finally, you are ready to build your own website. You can use some free website builders for that reason. However, like many others, you must typically be looking for a better offer and for companies that provide free services.

Although, they look easy enough and deliver pretty attractive possibilities. Therefore, the majority of people who are not web designers depend on it. However, not many things are free in life, free does not always imply freedom. So, why are they free and what are these free website builders’ demerits and restrictions?

Website Builders Will Never Be Free:

In general, almost all website builders are providing a free program to set up a home business. For them, it is a smart strategy for digital marketing. Moreover, it manages to make millions of registrations. Most probably, who wouldn’t want something for free?

Mostly free website builders provide a good starting point, however, they are not enough to build an expert level website. Moreover, after spending much time on website building the only thing you get is dissatisfaction. Which happens in most of the cases.

You may need to upgrade or switch to a different and more innovative solution. Moreover, you have been very insufferably disappointed. The truth is that organization is not permitted to give you a free website. All others need a solution that offers something better than average. Absolute liberty is never free, and there is a couple of good reasons why?

Restrictions of Free Website Builders:

Each website builder on the internet is different, however, let me tell you about some of the constraints often found in free plans.

Restricted Features:

Free Website Builders limit the number of amazing features that you can use. These features may include SSL certification, Domain-based emails, e-commerce add-ons, and plugins.

Moreover, limited features also mean being stuck to a template or font style that you don’t want to use. Either way, it isn’t comforting. But even the free plans of different programs can vary considerably in their usable features and capabilities, so users may benefit from free tariffs.

Restricted Number of Pages:

The number of pages you create is always restricted by the many free sites. For instance, you can publish a maximum of five pages on a single website. To increase the number of your products, several websites need more pages plus purchases. You are therefore asked to upgrade yourself to a compensation plan.

No Domain Name:

Many free plans don’t permit the use of your URL. Moreover, they will provide you with a URL consisting of your name and its own URL. For instance, if you are using the Wix website builder, you will be stuck with instead of

Company Branding:

Free Web builders most frequently need their branding, whether in your web-linked body, in the header, or footer, to appear on your web pages. For instance, free Wix plans, provide branded badges to guide users to access their design plan from your website.

Restricted Storage Space:

Free or compensated website builders will limit your bandwidth and storage space. Moreover, only a few megabytes of disk space will seriously restrict the content and not allow you to post good photos or any other news.

Some Other Disadvantages To Consider:

Remember, if your website is your online presence, than this is what also represents your brand. Moreover, other business in the same niche also have the access to same templates of free website builders.

This leads to a similar website to yours for other businesses. These website builders also have restricted SEO capability that restricts marketing activities to a particular audience if you want to advertise your site.

Final Words:

It is important that before you sign up for a free website, one should remember all the drawbacks and limitations of these free website builders.

However, you should note that free does not always mean that it is not useful and good for your business. Moreover, most of the free website builders provide domain name and hosting. But, if you don’t know how to buy them, check out how to buy domain name and hosting for your website.

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