How Chatbots Can Enhance Your Support Team

How Chatbots Can Enhance Your Support Team

Customer care is a core aspect of company success. It is an enormous part of creating brand loyalty to ensure a customer journey which is simple and entertaining but also a great support in case of inquiries or problems. You know that it’s definitely much better said than done.

How many small businesses have customer service teams around the clock? What about the larger ones, who get thousands of messages a day across multiple platforms?

The solution is simple: Bots.

Gartner Research Institute predicts that by 2020 people will have more chat per day with a bot than other people. One area where chatbots truly come into their own is customer service. Learn further to see why chatbots carry the customer support team to another level:

Customer service primarily focuses on text:

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s true: the customers are the brand’s biggest ambassadors. Happy customers are loyal customers and it makes sense to keep them if you consider that a returning customer is more precious than a new customer.

Moreover, not only do unsatisfied consumers appear to not come back, but they do have the opportunity to make plenty of noise that they are not pleased.

Chatbots Respond 24/7:

Customers expect rapid and efficient assistance, but, according to the Telegraph, companies ignore almost 90% of messages that require an answer. Customers who eventually receive some kind of response will wait an average of ten hours.

Responding to clients in a timely way can be a big obstacle for small and large enterprises and start-ups alike, who have no teams of professionals working 24/7 to address consumer issues. This is one of the main reasons why the chatbots are useful.

Customer support chatbots don’t need 8 hours of sleep per night, unlike their human counterparts. In addition to that, they will provide customers with the requisite answers with little to no time to wait. Moreover, customers don’t have to leave every day’s applications, as numerous chatbots integrate with the above messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp.

They are optimistic and never lose their spirit:

Unlike conventional customer service, companies sit back and wait for clients to come in. Moreover, client experiences are often passive and focused on issues and concerns. Chatbots take a more positive attitude, as you have observed, when a customer appears on their site, by asking what they are looking for and how they can support.

Advances in NLP means that chatting to a bot is not the somewhat confusing and potentially stressful task it used to be. Talking to chatbots at the moment is just like talking to a human person — but easier. And while people’s customer service agents are good, bots never get stressed or irritated or lack patience.

Bots will launch the conversation and lead consumers in the right way through the payment process. In addition, after-sales by reminding them of helpful tutorials that will enable them to render their latest purchase. Moreover, asking about your experiences, they will replace the traditional satisfaction survey and assist you in building even better customer journeys in the future.

Your support team will get to focus on the important things:

Much like there are other fields where artificial intelligence and machine learning are experiencing tremendous advances. So, the rise of chatbots in customer service raises concerns surrounding human agents that inevitably see robots taking their work over.

However, this isn’t the case at all. Chatbots are not meant to replace customer service agents. However, they take care of a lot of work and allow agents to function more effectively, in improved conditions and for the consumer to produce a more satisfying outcome.

In comparison to human officers, chatbots can not cope with circumstances involving detailed research or diplomacy (although one day we’ll be there). What they do is take the burden off customer support teams by welcoming customers.

Moreover, they reassure them that their problem will be addressed. In addition to that, they answer simpler requests and filter more complex to a customer service agent. The advantages are clear: agents no longer spend time on routines. Moreover, they are able to concentrate on larger and more complex tasks, which require advanced problem-solving skills.


To conclude, customer support chatbots are a big innovation for every organization large or small. Moreover, they help customer service representatives make their task smoother and improve brand loyalty. If you think that they might take humans place then check out our article “Robots won’t take away jobs”.

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