Social Media Marketing: Effective Tactics for Your Business

Social media marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

The kind of internet advertising which encompasses the creation and sharing of content online to attain your business goals like advertising or branding of your product or service is called Social Media Marketing or also SMM. It consists of creating content that includes images, infographics and charts, videos, and blog posts. Which are to attract audiences to your website besides carrying out the paid advertisements on social media.

This blog post will brush up your knowledge about Social Media Marketing and Why it is important for your business? After going through this post, you will have ample understanding of its effective use for business.

Like any activity, first, we need to craft a well thought out Plan.

Start with Social Media Marketing Goals:

The first thing which you need to analyze is what are your business goals? You can divide your business goals as Short Term, Medium Term, and Long Term.

After noting down your goals as per the priority, you need to create a Social Media Advertising Campaign as per the dynamics of your business goals. If you do not know what Social Media Marketing Campaigns are, you can have a look at these examples of Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

However, during the course of planning a Social Media Marketing Plan, you need to consider following points to ensure success: –

  • Which goals you want to attain through this plan?
  • Your target audience?
  • How your target audience use social media and where they go around?
  • What message you want to give to your target audiences through this plan?

Top Practices for Effective Marketing Of Your Business On Social Media

After crafting an effective and detailed plan for your Social Media Marketing. Also including defining your Short Term, Medium Term, and Long Term Goals. You can start your own social media campaign plans as under: –

  • Plan Content for Social Media — This Plan is very important for your campaign as we have already highlighted earlier. For this reason, you need to perform research on the internet to get content ideas. You also need to explore Keywords related to your business. In order to get an idea of what tactics your competitors are following and how they are planning their engagements. You can use free tools for Keywords searches.
  • Plan a Quality Content for Social Media — For creating content, you need to be sure about its QUALITY AND ORIGINALITY. Content that is high in quality will have an edge in terms of SEO and it will rank high in Google search. You need to ensure that you post regularly. Moreover, do not compromise on quality, which will repulse your visitors or target audiences.
  • Promotion of Your Brand Image — When you are using Social Media Marketing, use your brand image on multiple platforms. This will enable the presence of your brand on different social media platforms, which ultimately leads to higher engagement.
  • Promoting Content Through Social Media — In marketing, businesses spend a portion of their spendings on the creation of high-end ads / TV commercials to engage their audience and show their brand presence. However, in Social Media, when you have ample number of followers on different platforms, you can promote your content without spending a penny on your campaign. Just ensure regular publication and promotion of your content. 
  • Sharing Curated Links — Although backlinks are good for SEO and Domain Authority, Out links are also very important for your business. This establishes your authority over the content your have published. Moreover, people who are reading can check out links, if they need to get more explanation on that point. Curating and linking with outside, will build trust with your audiences.
  • Track Competitors — To be successful in any business, you need to have all the necessary details of all of your competitors. This will give an added advantage. Moreover, you can plan on all those areas where your competitors are weak.

Moreover, this will give you insights of keywords and other social media marketing techniques used by them. You can use same techniques to do the things in with more details.

  • Using Analytics to Measuring Success — After implementing your Strategy, the most important step is to measure your success. This can be done by analyzing your targeted campaigns. You can use Google Analytics which is a good tool for advertising on social media. Moreover, it will help in analyzing your campaign. One more thing to do is to attach tracking or monitoring tags to your campaign so as to scale them. Each social media platform has its own Analytics, so use each one of them to get great insights.

Social Media Advertising: Choose the Best Platform

Each social media platform has its own features and offers advantages which others lacks due to different set of audiences on each platform. This difference of unique user base makes each platform important. You have to judge which platform is best for your business to carry out Marketing Campaigns. Each platform has its own features and different methods of use, so you need to alter your marketing strategy as per the requirements of that platform you wish to use.


Facebook with vast network of people from different regions makes it a potential social media marketing platform. You can create your business fan page and start creating content to get published on that page.

You can also use Facebook’s Ads Campaign for customized targeted audiences. 


Google+ was launched as a counter weight to Facebook, but it has not able to get much popularity and its fan base is very unique and small as compared to Facebook.

You have the options of uploading, sharing images, videos, contents on Google+ within your circle or followers.


Pinterest is an image-based platform that is widely being used by many businesses for social media advertising. You can create good infographics that can be shared on Pinterest and people will widely share due to its large number of visitors. one of the fastest-growing social media advertising trends.

Pinterest also provides businesses with facility of Pinterest Ads for more targeted campaign.


After Facebook, the most famous platform is Twitter which is aggressively being used by most of the businesses for marketing their bran. You Tweet your content and your audiences will Retweet and comment on it thereby increasing engagement.

Twitter also offers Twitter Ads for small and large businesses.


LinkedIn is another famous professional platform that is good for carrying out social media advertising. Professionals from similar industries and like-minded people share content. Customers give business recommendations which increases credibility and trust of your brand besides Question and Answer Section which creates engagement.


The most famous video marketing tool is YouTube which is best for sharing video content. Advertising on social media is already changing its face by using an increased number of video ads. Moreover, this is a powerful marketing tool and every business should use it but use it intelligently. In addition to that, a video on your product or services when published will be liked. Moreover, it will be shared by a large number of audiences and will ensure your brand authority.

YouTube also offers YouTube Ads campaign for your businesses.


After going through the post, you can well understand the importance of Social Media Marketing for Business. Moreover, you also know how to create an advertising campaign for your business as per your goals and use different platforms to implement your advertising strategy.

Here is the list of the above blog post for a quick recap.

  • Start with a Social Media Marketing Goals
  • Top Practices for Effective Social Media Marketing for Your Business
    • Plan a Content for Social Media
    • Plan a Quality Content for Social Media
    • Promotion of Your Brand Image 
    • Promoting Content Through Social Media
    • Sharing Curated Links 
    • Track Competitors 
    • Using Analytics to Measuring Success
  • Social Media Advertising: Choose the Best Platform
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube

Hope you enjoyed the article. In your opinion, what are the effective ways other than mentioned above for successful social media marketing? You may tell in the comments below. Also, surf through our website for more CS-related articles and blog posts.

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