Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing in 2021

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: are they same or different? If yes, then which marketing type you should use for your business? 

Marketing is the backbone of every small or big company, business, and entrepreneur. Choosing a correct and impactful marketing strategy is stressful and a big question. 

After a good read, you will get the answer to this question. 

Let’s kick off…

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing, sometimes called offline marketing, is a printed medium of marketing. Such as magazines, newspaper ads, mailers, flyers, door-to-door brochures and flyers, billboard ads, and also TV and radio commercials. These mediums are considered offline and traditional because this marketing was used before the arrival of the internet. Traditional marketing includes all the tactics and strategies to attract targeted audiences. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, online marketing, is using online platforms to leverage your business. The biggest social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Quora, and Reddit. Surveys have found social media marketing is becoming more crucial in 2020 due to pandemic and now in 2021 as well.     

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What is the difference?

The major difference in both marketing types is medium. To attract the audience through social media, marketers use online platforms to reach their targeted audience. On the other side, marketers use traditional mediums as well and print their voice on billboards, flyers, newspapers, and others.  

Also, both are different in marketing techniques. As social media is for personalized and fluid messages due to the frequent use of these platforms daily. Whereas, traditional marketing has a more static and broader reach. 

If you go deeper…

Both marketing types use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a different sense. The metrics of KPIs allow marketers to estimate the success of multiple outreach engagements of the customers. Like social media marketing measures current or interactive customers. For instance, the number of your Instagram followers. Whereas, in traditional marketing, KPIs measure the growth of customers. For example, how many visitors or customers you are getting on your store.   

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What is Similar?

With all the differences Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing have some common interests as well. The first is to attract consumers. Whereas, the second is to market business to bring brand awareness. 

For both types of marketing, it is essential for you to aware of your targeted audience of the latest trends of your brand. Also for strong outreach, you need to make your marketing strategies related to your targeted culture. Because your cultural unawareness regarding your targeted area can damage your reputation as a brand. 

So, make your marketing strategies after a lot of research. Studies have found that many starters and companies fail because they do not pay attention to research before marketing their brand.

Which Marketing Type You Should Use?

The key to a successful marketing campaign is that you create a balance between traditional and social media marketing. The previous years’ events forced companies to do social media marketing. As COVID-19 forced us to stay indoors and away from outdoor activities. It was the drastic shift in business to use social media platforms to maintain sales. 

In 2021, both marketing types are necessary to raise awareness about your brand. Many big companies were shifted from commercial campaigns to social media platforms to hit the right audience. Both types will elevate your business when you use them together. Only then, your wheels will spin towards the right audience.

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What are Advantages? 

Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing in 2021 are beneficial for your brand awareness. As both have surprising advantages if you use them for your marketing. 

Social media marketing benefits show you immediate outreach of your brand. This marketing has more chances for engagements. For example, if you are marketing on Facebook, you can easily watch the outreach of your beans by shares, likes, and comments. It gives immediate results of campaigns through which you can draw the next marketing efforts more clearly and effectively. Social media marketing platforms make your target easier. For example, if you are targeting 25 years old then you can easily go deep down while marketing. 

Whereas traditional marketing is more impactful for consumers because of visuals in billboards and TV commercials. It is easy to understand and entertaining as traditional platforms are part of our daily lives. It is long-lasting because you print your content on billboards and magazines. Most importantly, seeing things, in reality, have a strong and long-lasting impact on consumers.  

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What are Disadvantages? 

Traditional Marketing and Social Media Marketing benefits inspire you to go and kick off your first campaign. Before that, you should also keep in mind that both types have some disadvantages as well. 

In Social Media Marketing, the biggest flaw is your ads are not permanent. Remember we are living in trends. If your ads are not getting clicks permanently then your ad will disappear from search engines. In 2021, you have a variety of Social media marketing platforms. For campaigns, you need to learn a lot on every individual platform. 

Whereas, traditional marketing takes too much time to measure the results of your campaigns. Another flaw is, traditional platforms are quite expensive. You need funds if you are going to print ads in magazines. Unlike social media marketing, it is difficult to target your exact audience in traditional marketing. Also, you are in the darkness about your audience’s response and reactions to your brands.    

Whenever you are thinking about marketing your business or brand you need to be aware of all the facts and tactics of both marketing strategies. 

What Best Suits You? 

However, now you are aware of the flaws and benefits of both marketing types. But the question is: What best suits you?  What will work for your business?

So, here is the key for you. When you think about your brand marketing, you need to understand the specific needs of your brand and its marketing strategy. Then, set your budget. Also find the treated audience related to your product and service.

In 2021, social media platforms are all-rounder. It is more suitable because it is a wheel to target all ages. While traditional marketing is quite specific only to those people who have TV or read newspapers. 

In a nutshell, both social media marketing and traditional suits you. Only you need to understand the need of your brand and what our audience loves. Check out other marketing blogs here.

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