Top 10 well-paid computer jobs for the future

Well paid computer jobs

If you’re thinking about heading back to school for a job in information technology. Of course, you want to be sure that the time and financial commitment you create can pay off with a successful career. Read on to discover more about the top 10 well-paid computer jobs. Which are evaluated by predicted progress over the next decade as well as salaries. The rating formula takes into account the number of new jobs in the next ten years as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Moreover, Salary is a secondary element, while the degree of education act as a tertiary aspect. When training for one of these professions, you guarantee that you and your family have the work stability that will last.

Software Developer:

If you’re imaginative and have programming expertise, try being a software developer. Such experts develop and customize the computer software that we all use every day. Usually, this work includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science and good programming experience in a number of machine languages. If you’re up to the job, you’re going to earn an estimated annual income of $93,350. According to the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry is to rise at 22 percent even faster than other sectors, i.e. 222,600 new workers by 2022. Which makes it number one on our list of well-paid computer jobs.

Information Security analyst:

When we increasingly rely on information technology, the protection of this knowledge is becoming increasingly important. These professionals usually have a bachelor’s degree. And are responsible for ensuring that data on corporate websites and servers is saved. Security analysts earn an average of $86,170 a year. And this profession is to rise by a whopping 37% in the next decade. Therefore, making it a perfect option if you’re interested in high pay and strong job security with the scope of advancement. Which puts it on second number on our list of well-paid computer jobs.

Computer Systems Analysts:

If you have a degree in computer science or information technology, you can suggest being a system analyst. Such experts develop the ideal systems for companies and organizations and help to execute these systems. Not only does this work cost a salary of $79,680 annually, but it seems to rise even more than other professions. According to an estimate, 127,700 new workers are to rise by 25 percent by 2022.

Computer and Information Systems Manager:

If you take a long look at your future, you might suggest having a degree in computer science and working your way up to being a CIS manager. With five years of practice, these specialists are usually the organization’s pioneer in information management and earn around $120,950 a year. This career is projected to rise exponentially by 15 percent in the next 10 years, or by 2022 by 50,900 new workers.

Computer and Information Research Scientists:

If you’re pursuing a professional degree in computer technology, one of the safest computing jobs to try is that of a research scientist. Such experts are working to address complicated programming challenges in a number of fields. Moreover, inventing innovative approaches to tackle the way we use technology. Usually, you need a Ph.D. to be a research scientist. In addition, you might be able to get a federal bachelor’s degree in this area. The estimated annual wage is $102,190, with expected job increases of 15% in the next 10 years (faster than the estimated for all occupations).

Computer Network Architect:

If you have a bachelor’s degree and many years of practice, you should seek a career as a network architect. Such specialists are responsible for creating connections between a variety of companies or a wide network of users. In addition to your degree and experience, knowledge in a specific field is typically needed. People in this position earn a salary of around $91,000, and 20,900 new positions for network architects are planned by 2022.

Network and Computer System Administrators:

It is an outstanding programming work that can be done with a bachelor’s degree. As a server administrator, you are responsible for the day-to-day functions of actual computer networks within organizations. System administrators earn a salary of $72,560, and there seem to be more than 42,900 new positions in this sector by 2022.

Database Administrators:

Database managers use tools to control database resources for companies, government agencies, and other organizations. A Bachelor’s degree in computer technology applicable to the industry, coupled with experience creating databases, are common qualifications. Moreover, people in this position earn an estimated annual wage of $77,080 a year. In addition, the development of this career is to be 15 percent higher than in other professions. This ensures that about 4,100 new database administrator positions should be available by 2022.

Web Developer:

If you have an innovative spirit and have an interest in becoming theoretically self-employed, find a position as a web developer. Such practitioners are responsible for the design and feel of business websites, intranets, and apps. About a fifth of web developers are working as full-time freelancers. Moreover, people in this occupation receive an estimated annual income of $62,500 or $30.05 an hour. Moreover, the position of web developers is to expand by 20% over the next decade, resulting in 28,500 new jobs by 2022. Some positive stuff, huh? It’s easy to move into this profession with an associate degree.

 Computer Support Specialists:

Such experts help solve tech and engineering challenges for big and small businesses alike. While a job as a support professional provides a decent annual wage of about $59,090. However, you don’t really need a bachelor’s degree to get going. Although it can help make you more appealing to employers. This sector is to expand by 17 percent in the next 10 years, with 123,000 new workers anticipated by 2022.

If you have an interest in computing and information technology, there are a wide number of secure occupations that offer outstanding wages at a broad range of educational rates. If you’re only searching for an associate degree or you’re involved in graduate school, a competitive development career is within your grasp. This is an outstanding field if you want both a challenge and a secure future. Well apart from well-paid computer jobs, if you want to read other CS-related blogs be sure to check out our other categories.

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