What is the Use of AI in cloud computing?

What is the Use of AI in cloud computing

The 4th Industrial Revolution is forming a new economy through the creative combination of super-connectivity and super-intelligence in the entire industry and people’s life based on digital technology. Companies are responding preventatively to the 4th industrial revolution through digital transformation. They are striving to secure new growth engines by implementing speed, connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) in their products using cloud computing. 

What is cloud computing?

“In simple words, cloud computing is the facility of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and Artificial intelligence (AI) over the Internet (“cloud”).”

Cloud computing will enable you to innovate faster, provide flexible resources, and benefit from large-scale operations. By giving only for the Artificial intelligence in the cloud services you usually use, you can lesser your operating costs and run your infrastructure more proficiently. Not only that, but you can scale as your business needs change.

cloud computing

Cloud computing provides the elements desired by users through the Internet for a fee or for free. In this case, regardless of the quantity of tens of thousands of users, it must be able to provide the desired size and performance according to the user’s needs (scalability), and for this purpose. No matter how many computers or devices the service consists of, users should be able to use them as if they had a single computer of their own.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the study of how someone can apply intelligent human behaviour to mechanical systems. People are using AI is in several fields. A variety of use cases are possible, from cashless payments to various types of security and industrial manufacturing.

The term “Artificial intelligence” refers to software, logic, computing, and philosophy aimed at making computers perform functions that only humans thought that they could perform them, such as recognizing the meaning of letters or words, learning, and recognizing facial expressions. The field of AI has a long history and has undergone several innovative advances, including optical character recognition, which is now considered routine.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broader concept than machine learning. It encompasses all systems that require human intelligence, regardless of whether self-learning is possible such as rule engines and expert systems.”

AI can make our lives easier by doing everyday tasks faster. However, the development of artificial intelligence is also controversial.

Artificial intelligence in cloud computing

Cloud computing is a technology that stores and processes data using several computing resources connected through a network. Various types of services can be provided by flexibly connecting multiple computing devices and distributing work between these devices. Cloud is literally ‘cloud’.

 It is a concept that abstracts a connected group of detailed individual devices in computer science, just as water vapour condenses like clouds to form a large aggregate. Artificial intelligence in working tremendously crucial regarding this.

Ai in cloud computing

Impacts of AI in cloud computing

Here are some ways, by which AI is enhancing the functionality of cloud computing,

Efficient use of server resources

 The first purpose of Artificial intelligence in cloud or cloud computing was the efficient use of server resources. Distributed computing environment to solve the problem that the server owned by service providers is heavily loaded on a specific server depending on the characteristics such as region and time, or other servers are relatively idle. In the construction of the cloud began.

 The purpose of this is to connect different servers through a network, divide and store a vast amount of data that exceeds the capacity of the server, or distribute tasks that require a lot of computation to process information faster in parallel.

Improves computing Power

 In other words, Artificial intelligence in cloud computing is a concept that improves computing power and storage capacity through connection with several different computers, and to take a relatively easy and intuitive analogy. It can be called crowdsourcing 1in, the computer world of cloud computing.


In terms of storage and continuous supply of big data for learning, and in terms of computing to elicit high computational performance, AI in cloud computing provides superior flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to supercomputers. To increase the cost-effectiveness AI tools are very helping.

 What about cloud computing in terms of artificial intelligence?

Global IT industries are already competitively using cloud computing to improve the performance of artificial intelligence. Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are building artificial intelligence cloud solutions and services based on cloud technology they have accumulated so far.

 . Cloud computing can improve the computing power of artificial intelligence at a relatively low cost, and it is easy to add or change computing resources. 

 For improving the performance of artificial intelligence deep learning, it is necessary to learn a lot of data and to calculate it, powerful computational performance is required. 

Cloud Artificial intelligence platforms

 In addition to performance and flexible management, there are other reasons why global IT industries want to provide or use artificial intelligence services in a cloud manner. When Artificial intelligence services in the form of a cloud, each company does not necessarily have to acquire all artificial intelligence technologies.

Cloud computing

 You can develop or use artificial intelligence services that fit your business model by using cloud artificial intelligence platforms provided by other providers. Companies are competing for the AI ​​platform market by releasing their machine learning tools in open source form.


AI is performing those tasks that were once demoted to humans. Artificial intelligence machine learning can do a lot of things, but it is still a barrier for many companies unless they have some expertise and computing resources. AI technology and cloud computing have helped a lot in connecting different smart machines and handling the enormous data produced by those machines. Artificial intelligence (AI) has added more worth to already present cloud platforms. AI in cloud computing has altered the game. If you have any Question or Want us to Write on Specific Topic Please Comment Down Below

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