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Microsoft has traditionally pursued a relatively stable edition number scheme for its operating systems like windows 7, then windows 8, and then … windows 10. Wait, what?

That’s true. They’ve just missed Windows 9. Microsoft actually chose not to name its Windows 8 successor as Windows 9 but rather moved to Windows 10. Moreover, it was originally code-name as “Threshold”.

Above all, don’t stress, you haven’t lost a big edition of Windows. Therefore, you don’t have to download anything named “Windows 9” and technically, you don’t even need to understand why Microsoft missed it.

However, keep reading to learn more about why did they skip the name. Why you’d probably better avoid downloading anything called “Windows 9.”

Why Did Microsoft skip “Windows 9”?

Windows 8 proceeded sequentially from Windows 7, but somehow Windows 9 got overlooked. However, it seems like something that Redmond isn’t afraid to laugh about, via Joe Belfiore’s and other Microsoft worker’s T-shirts.

YES, Business Insider claims that Belfiore (who is Corporate VP of Operating Systems at Microsoft) wore a special T-shirt at the Build conference last week. Moreover, he was sporting a binary-coded message that enterprising developer Kevin Gosse unraveled by scanning the frame.

So, what did it say? Well, there were four sentences in binary on each windows logo quadrant on the top, one of which ‘explained‘ the fate of Windows 9.

When decoded the message read “Windows 10, because 7 8 9”.

Ha-ha, however, if you still don’t get it. Read the sentence out loud. It should be something like windows 10 because Windows 7 ate 9. Brilliantly described, don’t you think?

Moreover, Mary Jo Foley, who regularly writes a blog on Microsoft, described it this way in a piece that she wrote on September 30, 2014, the Windows 10 announcement day:

But Microsoft went instead with Windows 10 because they wanted to signify that the coming Windows release would be the last “major” Windows update. Going forward, Microsoft is planning to make regular, smaller updates to the Windows 10 codebase, rather than pushing out new major updates years apart. Windows 10 will have a common codebase across multiple screen sizes, with the UI tailored to work on those devices.

Later reports on Windows 10 reinforce this idea – that Windows would be modified on a far more frequent basis. So there’ll never be a Windows 11 or a Windows 12, just an evolving and ever-better Windows.

Don’t download Windows 9!

Microsoft hasn’t launched a Windows update called “Windows 9,” and we can’t believe that they will ever. This means that if you find an online link to “download Windows 9” or an article on how to upgrade to Windows 9, you have to note that it doesn’t exist.

Moreover, any update called Windows 9 is more than likely just an effort to infect your computer with a virus by masquerading it as a Windows update. In addition to that, it may be a “rare Windows edition” which can be enabled only by choosing users. That, or the sharing person just misnamed the download but that’s unlikely.

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