Will Artificial Intelligence replace humans?


Humans are not the sturdiest and firmest. Still, they dominate the Earth. In the early times when hunting and collecting food for survival was only need, the progress in all systems such as agriculture was not the cause of the end of human beings. We adopted according to changing environment and conditions and better evolved. We live everywhere and have reached those places where no one ever imagined to be. We are the only creatures that have survived every harsh condition and maintained its position firmly. With the help of human intelligence, we created artificial intelligent automated machines. The risk that artificial intelligence will replace humans and their job opportunities is across the world. Humans are no more the most intelligent creature in the world.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Before understanding this term we need to understand the word intelligence. Anything is intelligent if it observes and cooperates with the surroundings and, some output happens. AI is the science that helps in the production of valuable machines and remarkable robots. With the help of Artificial intelligence, machines make decisions like human beings. At the start, this concept was just in movies but, now it has come to the real-world. AI technology is debatable and, humans are using it to perform almost every task. It has become a vital part of every field of life, and future of Artificial intelligence is going to be amazing.

What is Human Intelligence?

It is the competencies of the human mind that can learn from incidents that occurred in the previous history and evolving according to changing environment and situations. By utilizing all gathered information can change the living environment according to human needs.

The main difference between Artificial and Human intelligence

The main differences between both bits of intelligence are as follows,

Nature of Way of life

Human intelligence is the ability of the mind to change the environment and live according to need. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence is all about machines and robots.

Memory habit

The memory that human use is all about content and rational, however, machines use that memory which humans have feed in them.

Mode of creation

Humans are higher creature than machines and robots because God has made them. In the opposite direction, humans made artificial intelligent types of machinery.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence

We cannot deny the benefits of Artificial intelligence (AI) in our society. This system has become very sophisticated though Artificial intelligence cannot replace humans ever. According to research more than 1050 large companies using AI techniques and systems. Somehow they have minimized the worth and efficiency of such places. AI has become niftier everyone is thinking that his job is not safe.

Artificial intelligence frees us from repetitive tasks

In our jobs, several such tasks are monotonous and Artificial intelligence takes over these tasks with ease. For example,

1. Bookkeeping clerks

This task is very tedious, and the AI system has replaced humans. The systems of libraries, book shops, and any book store have become automated. For humans, this work is very tiring, and AI performs this more efficiently than humans. Different software is available in the market that is used for this purpose, for example, MS world.

2. Market Research Experts

Automated Artificial intelligence work with more ease than human intelligence. It compiles information about content, products, and audience and plays a vital role in the expansion of the market.

3. Couriers

Robots and drones have taken the place of human beings. They provide more extraordinary service than human intelligence.

4. Telemarketers

Nowadays, various companies inform users or audiences through robocalls. Telemarketing has become very successful because of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence allows us to be better in our actions

Selling is attached to human function. Salespeople spend most of their time sending Emails, calling to people, and messaging to people. But this action would be performed way better with Artificial intelligence. This task becomes stress-free with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence can be enhanced with the help of human intelligence. It is helping and guarding inhabitants by allowing operative and balanced law implementation. The future of artificial intelligence is very bright.

Can AI penetrate all industries and fields?

As of not long ago, we have this understanding that AI can be utilized in a wide scope of ventures. Yet, would it be able to be utilized in every one of them?

Even though AI IS disturbing various fields of studies and works, there are multiple different regions where AI isn’t that viable. Be it the Human Resource chief of an association, PR administrator, or a craftsman, some fields require a more noteworthy measure of human compassion, experience, and aptitudes.

Notwithstanding the entirety of its prospects, Artificial Intelligence is still accepted to be at its absolute first phase of improvement. Occupations, for example, composing and altering, realistic planning, educating are yet to be mechanized, all because these positions require the human touch. Sure with AI-based frameworks, these positions can be made simple.

Harms of Artificial intelligence

(AI) is doing a ton of good and will keep on giving numerous advantages to our advanced world, however alongside the great, there will unavoidably be opposite bad outcomes. The sooner we start to ponder what those may be, the better prepared we will be to relieve and deal with the hazards.

Loss of certain jobs

There will be occupations individuals do today that Artificial intelligence machines will dominate. This thing will expect changes to preparing and instruction projects to set up our future labor force just as helping current specialists’ headway to new places that will use their exceptional human abilities or human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Terrorism

Also, there might be a new AI-empowered type of psychological oppression to manage: From the extension of independent robots and the acquaintance of mechanical multitudes with far off assaults or the conveyance of sickness through mini-robots. Just like the case with any problematic function, these are not simple circumstances to tackle, yet as long as we have people engaged with deciding arrangements, we will have the option to exploit the numerous advantages of artificial consciousness while diminishing and moderating the antagonistic effects.


Artificial intelligence may wipe out certain positions, but on the other hand, it will likewise make new ones, and work that is finished by people will be more smart, fulfilling, and satisfying. Simulated intelligence will make us past human impact, superhuman as the future of Artificial intelligence is very bright. But this cannot happen without Human intelligence.

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